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The sample of delicacies of turkish and world cuisine served our indoor and outdoor facilities: breakfast, lunch, dinner

In addition to we offer delicious snacks and drinks that start at noon time and continue until the evening in our snack restaurant for our guests who want to spend the day in an outdoor facility nearby the sea.



Our professional chefs prepare the delicious foods carefully from Turkish and International cuisine with their rich/quality food representation that magnifies the people. Modern flavors and unique recipes are represented to our guests throughout their holiday.

You can make your day enjoyable with snacks that give energy, relax with our hot and cold beverages and explore the delicious desserts and cookies in our outdoor and indoor places.



You can taste different flavors and recipes from the Turkish and International cuisine with the quality of our hotel.

You will explore the excellent flavors at your holiday in the main restaurant with its genuine food representation and exclusive flavors, in bar with its delicious snacks for those who want to enjoy the sea and in A'la Carte Restaurants with its seafood that come from Mediterranean.



Pita, which is indispensable part of Turkish cuisine, impress a delicious flavor on palates. Our pitas are prepared by experienced Turkish chefs with their original taste.

Pitas prepared in stone oven are among the flavors best represent the Turkish cuisine. Minced or vegetable pitas wait for you with their delicious smell and Turkish ayran.


As Süral group, while we think our guests comfort also we think their health and prepare our meals with the vegetables and fruits that is grown up in our Süral Green. Vegetables and fruits are prepared by the our professional team carefully to make our guests happy and healthy.

We support the health of our guests during their stay at Süral Hotels with quality and natural foods, we provide to our guests the freshest form of taste with vegetables and fruits which are grown up in season.